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To Image Consultants Who Want To Sell Online - But Don't Know How To Get Started...
The Secret To Teaching Yourself 
Online Colour Analysis
You really Want to take your colour analysis services online....
But You Don't Know How
If you are like the majority of Image Consultants out there, you worry about getting enough clients and having a consistent income so they can stay in business.
This keeps you awake at night and you worry where it will all end! 

You have tried everything but you just don’t know how to get more clients. 
You don’t know anyone who can show you. 
You are not making money so they don’t want to invest in yourself.
Like many consultants you have little of no financial or business training and you loath the sales part of getting clients.

When it comes to money, you worry that you will never make money as an image consultant
You know that this scarcity mindset is not helping but you can't help it. 
So far you have never made decent money in your business and you think think they never will. 
You struggle to price your products and you even struggle to ask your clients for money despite giving them loads of value. 
I know you dread having to close down your buiness and lose face after years of hard work trying to make a go of your business.
You may even have to go back to your old job or to work for someone else. 
Even the thought of losing your current freedom and having to go back to a 9-5 job is scary. 

How long are you going to continue to try to get online by yourself...
Every day you procrastinate is another day without clients...
You see them every day on social media showing off their testimonials and talking about the amazing colour consultation they had with a client in a far off land. I know you want this to be you too.

You hate being at the receiving end of a hard sell and you are terrified that you would make someone else feel like that too. This fear is holding you back though and you don't need to sell face to face or do a hard sell once you go online.

How many hours are you spending online every day? How many quality leads are coming in? And when you do get an enquiry, are you confident about what you have to offer?  Being confident about what you have to offer is a big part of getting the sale.
The good news is that you don't need to reinvent the wheel, everything you need to get online is already created....
I spent weeks and months creating what you need so you don't have to...

Once I figured out what I needed and how to do online colour analysis, the clients and money started to flow into my business.

I am now on a mission to help other image consultants just like you!
So, how did online colour analysis save me...
My journey from an odd client here and there to fully booked...
We had settled in France, after 18 years in Singapore and the boys were getting bigger. I decided to restart my image business after taking several years off while the kids were small. I loved everything colour and style and my work would allow me the flexibility to still be there when the kids got home from school.

While it sounded good in my head, it became clear fairly quickly that getting clients in a non-English speaking country was going to be a major challenge.
Additionally I had no way of helping all the clients I had built up in Singapore over the years. All my hard work was lost and I had to start from scratch.

I was completely lost and really down on myself. It felt like I was getting no where. 
My confidence was at an all time low and I couldn’t see how I was going to make a go of my business. I was at the point of giving up and finding an office job.

Fast forward to the event that changed everything...
I am sitting here 30 minutes after my colour presentation was supposed to start, feeling nauseous, disappointed, and fed up. Not one person has turned up despite several confirmations. One by one they had all cancelled over the last 24 hours. I am left with two people who were definitely going to make it.

No show. Not one single participant! 
I feel fed up, sick, angry and want to cry but I have to put on a bright face as the event host is looking on anxiously. 
She is coming over now, reassuring me that everything will be okay and I smile and nod and agree, its not the end of the world. It feels a bit like it though! How excruciatingly embarrassing?
So how did this happen? I was not a rookie. I had been in the image business almost 10 years before I took a break and restarted in France.

After this final frustrating and self-esteem killing event, I decided I had to go back to the drawing board and really think about what would work in this new country. 
I knew 100% that I wanted to work in colour analysis so that was at least clear. 
I also realised that I had been teaching in one way or another almost my whole career and I loved that too.

The big epiphany came when I realised that I had all the skills I needed right there in front of me (Don’t we always!) – Online Colour Analysis was the new opportunity for me. It made so much sense. It was the ‘a-ha’ moment Oprah talks about🤗
After lots of research and establishing an online process to conduct online colour analysis, I set about putting a plan together to get my first clients. I quickly realised that I needed a tool to analyze my clients colours based on the pictures they were sending me. I scoured the internet for anything that would help but apart from really unhelpful online colour analysis apps and programs, I couldn't find anything.

It became obvious to me that online colour analysis was not practiced by many consultants and there was no training out there. I could see the opportunity though, so I persisted. I decided to create my own set of digital drapes that I could use to colour code online. It took me weeks to create each set with just the right colours for each season and tonal designation.
I started using the digital drapes for each consult and I was able to show the client the huge difference the colours made, just like I used to do during my in house consults.
I loved it and more importantly the client loved it.

The testimonials started to roll in and I knew I was on to an absolute winner.
It felt so good to finally be doing what I loved every day and also to finally have a steady flow of clients!

All of a sudden my client base became the world, rather than the English speaking community in a small village in the South of France. I could also get back in touch with all my Singapore connections and let them know that I was available for business.
I was so excited and my adrenaline was through the roof. I could ‘do colours’ every day to my hearts content from anywhere in the world with all the flexibility I wanted.

The bigger joy I get everyday now, is showing other consultants how they can have the same success I had, by providing the tools they need so they can start doing online colour analysis today.

Aileen Lane
Business Mentor To Personal Stylists
I am originally from Ireland but have lived in Singapore for 18 years prior to moving to my current location in the South of France in December 2017. 
I live in a small french village with my husband, my two boys, Jack and Joe and our five dogs.

☑ Certified Colour Consultant with Color Me A Season 2005 (USA) 

☑ Certified Image Consultant with The Image Maker 2005 (USA) 

☑ Obtained CIP ( Certified Image Professional) status with The Association of Image Consultants International in 2012.

☑ Training Image Consultants In Colour Analysis since 2010

So how would your life be different if you were booking clients in online everyday?
You will instantly broaden your client base to the whole world so you don't have to rely on your local community

You can fit more consultations in each day without exhausting yourself.

You don't have to worry about tidying up before your clients arrive; just pop a nice background on zoom and your consultation room looks amazing😉

 Work the hours that work for you and your family so that you be there for your kids when they need you 💗

 Have more time to work on your business rather than in it so you can grow it and get the financial return that you deserve.


Alice Barnes, Colour & Style Consultant

'Thank you for your continued support with the online colour training. The 'seeds' planted have started to sprout and I have 3 online colour bookings in the last week😘'

Carol Hadfield, Colour & Style Consultant

'My business has changed and I've embraced online services. I'm getting more brilliant clients. What more can I say other than Thank you 💋

Katie Binns, Colour & Style Consultant

'I absolutely love doing colour online , I also like the fact that you can reach people internationally and spread the joy of learning which colours suit you! 💖'
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My Online Colour Expert Starter Pack!!!
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Expert Video Guide On How to Use Your Digital Drapes (€147 Value)
This expert training video shows you step by step how to conduct online colour analysis using the digital drapes. It demonstrates how you can work location free, earn more money and spend more time pursuing the things you love.
Online Colour Analysis Cheat Sheet (€147 Value)
This downloadable cheat sheet is the shortcut to colour coding a person in seconds based on their hair, eye colour and skin tone. This little gem will give you the confidence that you are getting it right and ensure you conduct online colour analysis with authority and expertise so that you delight your online clients and you become the go to expert for online colour analysis.
And that's not all... Check out the fab bonuses that I'm throwing in to make this offer irresistible!
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BONUS #3: Exclusive Interview with a Top Image Consultant (€97 Value)
Learn the tricks of the trade so you can not only conduct a successful online consult but sell it over and over and get more money in the bank.
I just wish this pack had been around when I got started!

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Wishing you every success in your online journey.
Aileen x
Here’s A Recap Of
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  •  52 Digital Colour Analysis Drapes (€97 Value)
  •  Expert Video Guide On How to Use Your Digital Drapes (€147 Value)
  •  Online Colour Analysis Cheat Sheet (€147 Value)
  •  Selling Your Online Colour Program Checklist (€97 Value)
  • ​Client Selfie Requirement Form (€97 Value)
  •  Exclusive Interview with top image consultant: How You Can Explode Your Online Business  (€97 Value)
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